Simplified Technology
Unlimited Support

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Solutions allow us to have visibility across your whole network, and workspace enabling proactive response to issues and better protection. 

Technical Support

No one person can do it all, that why Rummage offers Technical Support & Remote Support desk teams to help your staff when they need it

Voice & Data

Get Connected with a local team that are dedicated to ensuring your service is running to the best of its ability, NBN, Enterprise Ethernet, 4G Backup or Mobile.

Modular IT Solutions

Handing over the keys to the castle in on big hit can be a daunting task, That’s why we delivery scale up solutions using a Modular Delivery. Our team can work with you to build a path to Managed IT that you are comfortable with, at your speed.

Managed IT ensures your staff are supported with Technology needs, and allows resources that where previously delivering support to return to your Core Business.

What are the Benefits of Managed IT? 

  • Centralized Management of Antivirus, Patching & Infrastructure
  • Reduced Pressure on Business Staff
  • Dedicated Support Team, Remote or Onsite
  • License Compliance, Management & Delivery
  • Warranty Management and Repair

Cloud Enabled

Did you know that Microsoft and Google don’t backup your data at a file level? Sure they could restore your whole environment but what about a single email that has gone missing?

With solutions from leading providers like Veeam and Datto, we can ensure that your OneDrive, SharePoint and email is protected

Extend your IT Managed Services into the cloud.

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